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Old Library
North Shields Club
Face above the old library
North Shields
North Shields Gentlemen's Club
Northumberland Square
Porthole Town Mission

 Tile over The Porthole public house
North Shields
The Town Mission
(corner of Lower Rudyerd St and Yeoman St., North Shields)
Borough Treasurer's Birket Foster
Old Borough Treasurer's Office
Now Saville Exchange theatre, North Shields
Rosella Place
North Shields
Steam Packet Hawkey's Lane
Tyne Steam Packet Provident Society
 -aka "Tug-boatmen's Hall"
Waldo St., North Shields
Hawkey's Lane Methodist Sunday School.
Initialed bricks donated by the children 1931
North Shields

Golden Fleece

Montague Burton
Decoration over the door of the Golden Fleece/Porthole
North Shields (Now closed)
Montague Burton - Tailor of Taste
(Now Age UK)