Saville Exchange - North Shields


Some years ago the Magistrates Court, Police Station,  and administrative departments of the former Tynemouth County Borough council were converted to The Saville Exchange. One room is dedicated to Thomas Brown whose story is on a brass plaque below the window in the courtyard of the building.

Thomas Brown Window

Thomas Brown plaque

Thomas Brown G.M. North Shields War Hero
 On October 30th 1942 Thomas Brown,
a 16 year old NAAFI Canteen Assistant serving on HMS Petard,
risked his life to help capture the Enigma codes from the sinking German U-boat U559.
His incredible bravery shortened World War II by at least 12 months,
 thus saving countless lives.
This stained glass window was donated by the NAAFI as a tribute to his bravery

The other two men who swam to the U-boat, drowned when it sank. Thomas survived, but died aged 19 in a fire at his home in North Shields. He was buried with military honours and posthumously awarded the George Medal