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Under a bridge in Mariners' Lane in Tynemouth, was a railway line. In 1872,  a  signalman named Jabez Jewitt found the time to carve his name and occupation into the parapet of the bridge, where it can still be seen

Coping stone
On a coping stone, in copperplate handwriting, was carved
Jabez                             Jewitt                          Signal                           Man     

The Red Arrow on the 1865 map shows the bridge over the Blyth & Tyne Railway.

In 1911 'Jabez' Jewitt lived in 36 Percy Square. Percy Square was in danger of sliding into the river. Later Knott's Flats was built on adjacent land.

Reproduced from the 1865 Ordnance Survey map  �  Crown copyright

Northumberland Park Overgrown
 Path of Blyth and Tyne Railway in
Northumberland Park 2006
Railway cutting looking in the direction
of the Red Arrow on the map