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There has been a steady decline in the fishing industry on The Tyne as in the UK generally.
Once, large trawler fleets from all over Europe landed fish here, but now the only visitors are boats from Scotland.
North Shields is reportedly the biggest prawn port on the East coast

UK 210 
Typical modern fishing boats.
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N942 N928
another SSS 678
SN 563 another
Twin hulled boats
KY.211 MT100
AH 135 KY-165
Happy Return CN-6
SN-361 SH-279
FR 962 Irvine
Royal Quays Many Scottish boats do not fish at weekends
 and tie-up at Royal Quays marina.

These pictures show a few examples
 and the amount of 'gear'
 that these boats carry.
 Boats_1 Boats_2
Tackle More gear
New boat Lady Sara
Rebeccan SN1 Frem W