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Normand Vessels

Normand Pioneer

Normand Pioneer - Pipe layer- October 2017

Normand Flower

Normand Flower - Tug/Supply ship - July 2017

Normand Clipper

Normand Clipper - multipurpose deepsea construction vessel - June 2017

Normand Maximus

Newly built Normand Maximus - November 2016
(Photo by Kevin Blair)

Normand Cutter

Normand Cutter - Offshore construction vessel - July 2017

Normand Seven

Normand Seven - Pipe-laying support vessel - July 2016

Normand Progress

Normand Progress - Multifunctional Anchor Handling / Tug / Supply and Sub Sea Service Vessel

Normand Oceanic

Normand Oceanic with cable-laying attachment