Local Dinmore Manor

Dating back before 1200AD it was connected to The Knights Templar and has a chapel dated 1370 and dedicated to St. John of Jerusalem.
Dinmore Manor
Prior to its sale in 1999 Dinmore Manor was open to the public.
There are few photographs of the manor's stained glass in the web, particularly of the 'secular cloisters' dating to 1932-36 by Richard Hollings Murray (the real  inventor of 'Cats-Eyes') who owned the house.  
Secular Cloister   The grotto
The cloister  The grotto
Secular Cloister  Secular Cloister 
Secular Cloister  Secular Cloister 
In addition the music room has some stained glass panels in clear glass leaded panes depicting characters from literature. 
Music Room 
Music room  Old King Cole  Cantabury Tales 
St. Francis?  Music Room