Local Old Maps
The Alan H Beautyman Maps

The late Alan Beautyman was an old bloke I met in a pub. He was a curmudgeonly old git who preferred his own company, but his particular specialty was researching old pubs in the former County Borough of Tynemouth. Mine is the photographing of sites in the area before they disappear forever, so we traded ideas (and insults) as blokes do. He sometimes, quite surprisingly, shared photos, maps and documents. Some of his work appeared quite recently on Facebook so I have created this page of maps which may or may not be original. He died alone in 2013/4, so do with them what you will, but credit him for the line drawings which he must have spent a lot of time on. He wouldn't thank you, but I will. JS
East Howdon
North Shields
Clive St West
Clive St East
Bell/Tyne St
1858 (a)
Bell/Tyne St
1858 (b)
Bell/Tyne St
1858 (c)
Billy Mill Tynemouth

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