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The second Tyne vehicle tunnel was constructed by digging a trench across the river to hold submerged sections and to cover them with rock. The sections were constructed at the old Neptune Yard at Walker, from where they were floated down the river and submerged in the trench.

Conveniently the redundant dock at Tyne Dock on the South shore needed the dredged sediment to fill it
Eide Barge 33
Specialist dredger Vesalius arrives on Eide Barge 33 -  4th November 2009
Vesalius dredger
Vesalius working on the new Tyne Tunnel - November 2009
It dug out a trench in which the tunnel sections were sunk.
The octagonal tunnel sections were constructed in a reopened drydock at Wallsend
 (see Yards section)
Tunnel element floating

With its ends sealed, the tunnel was floated down in two sections and then submerged in the trench dug by Vesalius. The first section is seen here floating at Howdon

Dina M
Huge floating crane-barge Dina M working on the submerged sections
Dredged sediment from the river bed was pumped to Tyne Dock, where it was used to fill the redundant dock. The utility barge DN20 was used to secure the floating pipes against the tidal currents.
Alexander von Humboldt (dredger)
Alexander von Humboldt - large dredger bringing sediment from the river mouth to cover the Second Tyne Tunnel sections - March 2010