The ALCAN smelter at Lynemouth closed in 2012, but Alumina (aluminium oxide) is still unloaded at Blyth, and carried by train to Fort William. Bauxite from South America is converted to Alumina in Ireland and transported in Arklow boats from The Shannon to Blyth. Arklow ships are sometimes seen in The Tyne with other cargoes.

Arklow Meadow

Arklow Meadow - Blyth - November 2019

Arklow Fortune

Arklow Fortune - July 2019

Arklow Rogue

Arklow Rogue in The Tyne -  July 2019

Arklow Moor

Arklow Moor at Blyth alumina silos - July 2018

Arklow Marsh

Arklow Marsh - May 2018

Arklow Manor

Arklow Manor - November 2017

Arklow Muse

Arklow Muse - September 2017

Arklow Mill

Arklow Mill - April 2017

Arklow Wave

Arklow Wave

Arklow Ruler

Arklow Ruler - in the Tyne - September 2016

Arklow Beacon

Arklow Beacon offshore - May 2019