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 Fjord with Ice Maiden 1

A semi-submersible is a ship or barge which can be lowered below a another ship to lift it clear of the water. They are often converted oil-tankers. A semi-submergible barge Eide Barge 33 was used to bring the dredger for the Second Tyne Tunnel and another, the self-powered, Enterprise, to take it away. Similarly a former tanker OSPREY was used to take the cranes from Swan Hunter shipyard to their new owners in India.

Photos of these may be seen in the (previous) Second Tunnel section and Osprey (in Shipyards section).
Semi-submersible FJORD carrying  ICE MAIDEN I
Ice Maiden waits
Waiting outside the piers - May 24th 2008
Fjord with Ice Maiden 1
Ice Maiden
Three tugs manoeuver the long vessel on its way up river.

This trip up river was only to unload containers from Fjord, she was meant to return to the sea anchorage to unload Ice Maiden, but ......