HMS Bristol

Built at Swan Hunter in 1969, the ONLY vessel of her class to be built. The last steam powered vessel built for the navy, she returned to A & P Tyne in November 2010 to be refitted to extend her working life for 10 more years. Note that her guns and communication aerials have been removed.

Originally intended as the first of a class of new large destroyers, Bristol turned out to be a unique ship. The rest of the class were cancelled, victims to the 1966 Strategic Defence Review.

She served as the flagship in the Falklands War in 1982, was paid off in 1991 and refitted, this time as the training ship located at HMS Excellent. Bristol is permanently berthed at Portsmouth and is primarily used as a training ship for the Regular & Reserve Royal Navy

HMS Bristol and MTS Viscount

HMS Bristol (D23) returning to its home base in Portsmouth - April 2011