Local "The Arts and Crafts Cathedral"
St. Andrew's church in Roker

St. Andrew's Roker

Built between 1905 and 1907, the local-stone-faced concrete span is the shape of an upturned boat, although this shape was more to ease the pouring of the concrete than any artistic reason. The architect was Edward Schroeder Prior who determined that there be no columns to impede the view of the congregation.

St. Andrew's chancel The ceiling

The brightly coloured chancel contains a carpet by William Morris.

The ceiling with its alabaster sun is hand painted by Macdonald Gill to illustrate the story of creation.

The tapestry

The most well known work is the tapestry altar-cloth by Edward Burne-Jones and made by Morris & Co

The mouse
Finally, the oak lid of the font has the trademark mouse of Yorkshire's Robert Thompson.