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HMS Enterprise
Hydrographic survey vessel HMS Enterprise (H88) - July 2022
HMS Echo
Hydrographic survey vessel HMS Echo (H87) - November 2020
HMS Magpie
HMS Magpie - replacement for HMS Gleaner (see below) - May 2022
(Her Majesty's Survey Motor Launch) HMSML Gleaner (H86) - July 2011 - decommissioned 2018
Gleaner was the smallest commissioned vessel in The Royal Navy

HMS Roebuck (H130) - UK - Coastal Survey Vessel

Roebuck was designed to work in home waters, but was used in the 2nd Gulf War to find the depth of water so that coalition ships could work much closer to the shore thus reducing helicopter flying times. Seen here at Newcastle March 2010 she was decommissioned a month later and sold to the Bangladesh Navy by May 2010 to sail as BNS Anushandhan.